• Preview

    Increasing Attendee Engagement Through Augmented Reality


Booths are enhanced with Preview Codes to enable on-demand access to the resources.


Attendees use the camera on their phone to view and interact with exhibitor content.


Attendee transforms from booth passerby into sales leads once the content has been viewed.
transformative technology

Solutions for Organizers & Exhibitors

Capture Anonymous Traffic

See how each piece of your content performs, even if users choose to remain anonymous.

Real-time Reporting

View generated leads as they consume content. No more waiting or delays!

Effortless Integration

Leverage existing content from social media posts to PDFs to videos and more. If your content can be consumed on the web, it's ready for Preview.

Reduce Costs

No need for cumbersome hardware. Preview is a software-based solution, so you're no longer limited by the number of physical devices on hand.

Expand Your Reach

Preview Codes are infinitely reproducible and are not physically restricted to the event location.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Offer exhibitors an opportunity to increase their exposure to attendees and finally reveal the true impact of their sponsorship.